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Our Services

Bali Java Adventure Tour

Bali Java Adventure Tour offers an alternative adventurous tour to visit beautiful spots in Bali and Java in your prefered way. Our English speaking drivers are realiable and have years of experience in the area.

There are several ways to start adventure with us; but mostly select your joy with the vehicles of your choice:

Deluxe Coach SUV
A long trip to Ijen, Bromo and Yogyakarta, usually takes around 4 – 8hrs driving in a day. This requires convenience vehicle so you can relax during the trip. Deluxe SUV such as Toyota Innova is perfect for this purpose. It accommodates up to 4 or 5 passengers with small luggage. In some places such as Ijen crater or Bromo’s sea of sand, we need to change to 4WD to reach the tourism spot. Trooper 4WD Jeep in Ijen can seat 4 person (plus a guide and driver), and Land Cruiser in Bromo can seat 6 person.
Note: Our standard package does not use this Innova. Please inquiry first.

VW Safari
The Volkswagen Type 181 “Kurierwagen”, popularly known in the United Kingdom as the Trekker, the “Thing” in the US, and in Mexico as the Safari (also in the United States due to Kings Island’s Lion Country Safari/Wild Animal Habitat using desert sand-painted Type 181s), was a small military vehicle produced by Volkswagen from 1968 to 1983, although civilian sales stopped in 1980. It was based in part on Volkswagen’s Type 1 (Beetle), and was a continuation and improvement over the Kübelwagen, which had been used by the German military during World War II. The name Kübelwagen literally translates as “bucket car”.
VW Safari with its convertible roof is a perfect “thing” for those who wants a nostaliga tour.

Jeep Adventure
Explore the wonders, see the real and the most exotic part of Bali on a 4WD Jeep. Track down off the beaten route, and see the real Bali in a way that other rarely see.

For further information about our tours and packages, please contact info@mataharibalitours.com