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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Specific information about calendar of events throughout the year:

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Kasodo Ceremony in Tengger, Bromo
Kasada or Kasodo is celebrated during the full moon on the 14 or 15th. of Kasodo (tenth) month of Javanese calender. This is to commemorate the sacrifice of Kesuma, the son of Roro Anteng (daughter of King Brawijaya of Majapahit) and Joko Tengger. This celebration is dedicated to Hyang Widi, the God, in the sacred temple of Poten in the foot of Bromo. Bromo comes from the name of god Brahma.

JULY 2012

Festival Malioboro Sounds of Jogja
6 – 8 July 2012,  Located at Plaza Monumen Serangan Oemoem (SO) 1 Maret, Benteng Vrederburg
This year the festival will perform percussion, semi contemporary art performance by Letto Band, traditional singer (sinden) collaboration of Sruti Respati by Jemek Supardi, fashion show by APPMI (Association of Indonesia Fashion Entrepreneurs). There will be contemporary art performance of Yogyakarta Kota Republic by students of Indonesia Art Institute of Yogyakarta, depicting the uniting of Yogyakarta with Indonesia.

Baluran National Park, East Java
13 – 16 July 2012, Birding Competition. Participants should bring their own tent, binocular, and daily needs. Event includes bird-watching, quiz, etc

Tanah Lot “3 day Event 2012″ will be held on October 26 – 28, 2012. This even will represent implementation of Tanah Lot local community arts. Besides Balinese dances performance, there will be exhibition of art and many other activities. Many kind of Balinese dances will be showed on this festival. The purpose of this festival is to keep the Balinese art and culture and more introducing Balinese culture to the world.