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Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park

This park is a forest preservation area that extends about 25.000 ha on the north coast of East Java. The location is in Sumberwaru village, Banyuwangi district, Situbondo (on the east border of Java Island). You can enjoy the panorama of savannah, mount Baluran (inactive volcano) and beach, and in the center of area that becomes habitat of many exotic animals such as wild pigs, deer, peacocks, wild chicken, some species of monkeys and also bulls as the protected animals in the area.

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You can enjoy the amazing scenery of the forest and do the safari activities in the wild life and feel the magic of the forest. This park is so unique because 15 km from the main entrance, you can find a beautiful white beach called Bama Beach, here in the habiat of coral reef, fish and mangrove.

You also can observe hundreds species of birds such as hornbills, peacocks and bulbuls. If you like to observe the tropical forest vegetation, the park is a heaven for many species of trees, plants and flowers such as pecan nut trees, Maja, Gadung, Java tamarind trees and mount Widara.

There are several activities that you can do in this park such as: – Safari Forest – forest adventure – Diving and snorkeling – Mountain hiking and mount climbing – Hill walking – Beach adventure to watch the fishermen’s daily activities and seed seekers – Canoeing, rowing or boating until you the Fresh Water Gulf, Sejile Gulf and Bilik Beach.


It is a 12sqm cave located at the entrance to the National Park Baluran in Batangan, exactly in front of the entry gate of Baluran National Park. Goa is a legacy of Japan’s colonial history which was used as a fortress, and ammunition storage.


Bekol Savannah as one of the main of the Baluran natural attractions have extensive ± 300 ha area that includes a stretch of the largest savanna in Java. With a backdrop of Mount Baluran, visitors likely feel like in Africa.

If you want to see the whole panorama of Bekol Savanna, visitors can climb to the watcher tower. Visitors can see the aerial view Bekol Savanna as well as the Bama coast and Mount Baluran. In addition to panoramic views, visitors can see the attraction of animals every day, especially in the morning and afternoon.

The flora includes Acacia nilotica savanna, the development has an important function as a source of animal feed during the dry season. This place is ± 12 km from the entrance Baluran, and visitors can reach it by car or motorcycle. Along the road to Bekol, visitors can see the peacock (Pavo muticus), jungle fowl (Gallus sp.), And various species of birds.


For visitors who love adventure and test of courage, accompanied by officials of national parks, you can climb Mount Baluran as high as ± 1240 m asl. On top of Mount Baluran visitors can see the caldera along the ± 600 m and Kacip springs that never dry throughout the year.


White sand beache located ± 3 km from Bekol Savanna, and surrounded by mangrove forests as a habitat for many species of birds and wildlife primates. In this place visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and attractions gray monkeys who were fishing using a tail on the beach in the morning.

In addition to the gray monkey (Macaca fascicularis), in Bama Beach visitors can find langurs (Trachypitecus auratus), monitor lizard (Varanus salvator), and various species of birds.

In addition to panoramic land, save Bama Coast underwater panorama beauty is captivating. Various coral reefs and fish can be found here.


Sejile Coast is a tourist destination not to be missed. This scenic beach is located in the northern territorial Baluran National Park. This unpolluted beach would seem a typical beach at low tide, as it will appear white sandy land shaped like a tongue, so called Sejile (Madura language) which means the tongue.

In addition visitors can see panoramic views of stunning underwater. Coral reefs are still intact as well as a variety of ornamental fish underwater scenery make this beach has been popular among foreign tourists. All around this coast there is also an interesting panorama of mangrove forest to be explored.

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